I have mainly worked with dogs who show great potential at becoming a working gundog, but in recent years I have adapted my training for clients who would like their dog to respect them, be able to enjoy walks and other daily tasks. Allowing me to work with every dog and owner as all dogs can learn the basics and manners!

I can easily help with socialising difficulties, confidence issues and helping you understand your dogs behaviour and how to work with your dog in situations you may not understand. Helping you learn your dogs triggers and working with you both for a positive outcome.

I can train all aspects of field work from retrieving, learning boundaries, whistle work, steadiness on the peg. Even down to simply learning what is expected of them on a shoot day. This can simply be achieved by taking them out with me as part of there residential training when i think they are ready, working alongside a confident steady team helps with this process as dogs work well in a pack, learning from each other and the handler.

I am always happy to talk about problems/training difficulties you are having with your dog.

What I offer:

  • One to one lesson 
  • Residential training
  • Home boarding 
  • Kennel boarding 
  • Doggy day care 
  • Help with Socialising and behavioural problems 
  • Over the phone consultation 
  • Introduction to the field/shoot days
  • In the field training 
  • Visits to relieve your dog 
  • Dog walking 

Trained Dogs:

Rebecca’s working gun dogs now offers outstanding trained working gun dogs. Get in touch today and be put on the list you don’t want to miss out.

Pups buy them as a blank canvas or have your pup tailored to you.

Ready to leave at 6 months includes:
House trained
Basic obedience/gundog training
Whistle training
Heel on and off the lead
Retrieving to hand

Advanced ready to leave at 12-16 months:
House trained
Obedience/gundog training
Whistle training
Heel on and off the lead
Retrieving fur and feather
1 full season experienced
Fully trained working gundog

Contact information:

Email: rebeccasgundogs@yahoo.com

Mobile: +44 7494314267